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Why More Luxury Home Builders Are Integrating Luxury Shade Solutions

By September 19, 2018April 14th, 2021No Comments

Why More Luxury Home Builders Are Incorporating Luxury Shade SolutionsWhether your client’s property boasts beachfront access, unobstructed views, or Olympic-sized swimming pools, today’s definition of luxury encompasses captivating designs, comfort, and convenience.  Whether you’re working on a new construction or an estate renovation, high-net-worth property owners ultimately want a home where they can enjoy high-quality experiences – both indoors and outdoors.  Luxury shade solutions blend both style and functionality – empowering you to maximize the space while adding sophistication to the outdoor amenities.

Explore the Next Generation of Luxury Shade Solutions

The days have passed where estate owners are expected to source their own umbrellas and patio shade for their property.  Luxury shade solutions are now part of the property’s architectural or landscape design process.  Today, you’re able to bring resort-quality sun protection into the design of your high-value estate projects.

Commercial-grade retractable awnings, canopies, and roof structures provide shade when the property owner wants it and open skies when they don’t – all at a push of a button.  Designed to integrate seamlessly into the architecture, retractable structures add both class and comfort to the home’s outdoor spaces, regardless of whether you’re working with small spaces or large expanses.

Create Indoor/Outdoor Living Spaces with Luxury Shade Solutions

Outdoor living trends are showing an increasing draw to open-air settings.  Despite being residential projects, the design of luxury homes pulls more from resort architecture than suburbia.  As a builder or architect for these high-end homes, you’re under a great deal of pressure to deliver an experiential design.  Luxury shade solutions empower you to create indoor/outdoor spaces that expand the interior layout while maintaining the comfort and convenience property owners require.

Maximize Energy Efficiency with Luxury Shade Solutions

With a growing focus on energy efficiency, luxury shade solutions are ideal for maximizing comfort and lowering energy consumption by reducing the impact of solar heat gain.  Commercial-grade retractable awnings are a simple way to naturally lowering internal temperatures by 8 to 15 degrees.  By incorporating these solutions directly into your plans, you can highlight their direct ROI while congratulating clients on their environmental awareness.

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Are Retractable Awnings and Canopies Right for Your Luxury Property Project?

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