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Cost-Effective Hotel Renovations: Tensioned Fabric Architecture, Retractable Canopies & More!

By October 18, 2018April 14th, 2021No Comments

Cost-Effective Hotel RenovationsThe hospitality industry continues to be one of the most competitive in the world.  Whether your newly acquired property needs a facelift or you’re looking to differentiate your well-established hotel, the tensioned fabric architecture industry offers endless options for cost-effective exterior hotel renovations.

From commercial-grade retractable canopies to tensile facades to resort cabanas, transforming your hotel’s exterior has never been simpler.

Guest Rooms Windows & Aesthetics

While guest room hotel renovations may make you think of new furniture and textiles, an often-overlooked but incredibly effective upgrade exists just beyond the window glass.  Retractable Tension Shades are a stylish replacement for unsightly window treatments (like curtains or blinds) that instantly make your guest rooms feel more modern, comfortable, and private.  If the goals of your hotel renovations also include revitalizing an outdated building exterior, tensile membrane facades give you the opportunity to update the exterior, improve energy efficiency, and add an iconic brand identity to the structure.

Restaurant Patios & Outdoor Seating

Your property’s dining options play an important role in your overall profitability, so enticing guests to stay on the property for their meals is important.  When planning your hotel renovations, you should consider ways to upgrade restaurant patios and other outdoor seating areas – which are often highly attractive to vacationers and travelers.  Retractable fabric roof systems add substantial value to restaurant patios by improving guest comfort, expanding usability, and providing opportunities for consistent branding.

For more tips, read our post: How to Increase Your Bar Profits by Maximizing Your Outdoor Space.

Sun-Filled Lobbies & Glassed-In Patios

Sunny lobbies and all-season patios are an asset for any property, but they can also cause challenges with solar heat gain and glare.  If you’re looking for innovative solutions, Retractable Tension Shades are ideal for skylights, light panels, and sunrooms – reducing uncomfortable afternoon heat, increasing energy efficiency, and delivering upscale style.  Depending on the design, you have the option to block the light completely when the shades are extended or to use a lighter fabric that allows diffused light to pass through.

Functional Entryways & Walkways

If your hotel renovations call for an exterior upgrade, tensioned fabric structures are dynamic types of modern architecture that are ideal for revitalizing your hotel’s entrance and walkways.  Whether you’re looking for an iconic structure that acts as a functional piece of art or a simple solution for protected pathways leading from your parking structure, the design options are seemingly endless.  For more information from Tension Structures – another division of Eide Industries, Inc. – read their post: Innovative Design Solutions: Explore the Benefits of Tensioned Fabric Structures.

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