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5 Main Types of Retractable Structures & Awnings

By March 1, 2018April 14th, 2021No Comments

Retractable structures, such as canopies and awnings, help commercial property owners make the most of their outdoor spaces.  From supporting your energy efficiency goals to helping you increase your foot traffic, there are many benefits retractable structures can offer your property.

When considering which canopies or awnings are right for your needs, it’s best to start by understanding your options.  Here is a brief overview of the five main types of retractable shade structures.


Slide on Track CanopiesSlide on Track

Slide on Track canopies are incredibly versatile systems that provide protection from both the sun and rain.  These retractable structures glide open and closed on sturdy aluminum runners, and the durable canvas folds neatly into soft pleats when retracted.  This option is ideal for properties that want the best of both worlds – full protection when necessary and full sun whenever the weather allows.


5 Main Types of Retractable Structures & AwningsSlide on Wire

Slide on Wire canopies add aesthetic beauty and cool shade to outdoor spaces.  These retractable structures are designed with a delicate-looking but incredibly durable wire system and aluminum clips.  The shade panels can be extended or retracted from either direction.  This option is ideal for properties that want to add shade for sunny days and improve a space’s overall visual appeal, while maintaining the ability to have an unobstructed view of the sky when desired.


commercial retractable awningsLateral Arm

Lateral Arm canopies offer the perfect blend of form and function for outdoor spaces, incorporating both style and precision into the cassette awning design.  When retracted, the Lateral Arm lives inside an enclosure that mounts on the wall of your building, creating watertight protection that fully integrates with the architecture without compromising the aesthetics of your property.  This option is ideal for properties that want sun and light rain protection with effortless operation.


Tension Shades

Tension Shades add a modern look and exceptional comfort to your indoor or outdoor spaces.  This design features fully tensioned membrane fabric panels to create overhead sun shades.  Often used over skylights, glassed-in porches, and patios with open-air structures built around them, this option is ideal for properties that want dependable shading while maintaining their clean, appealing lines.


Vertical Screens

Vertical Screens offer a superior shade solution for exterior vertical blinds.  Blending premium performance and extraordinary aesthetics, Vertical Screens help to reduce glare and solar heat gain inside a building while maintaining the property’s exclusive look and feel.  This option is ideal for properties who are looking to support their energy efficiency initiatives while maintaining their stylish appeal.


Are Retractable Structures and Awnings Right for Your Commercial Property?

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