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3 Simple Tips to Reduce Energy Costs and Add Value to Your Commercial Property

By September 26, 2018April 14th, 2021No Comments

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Energy CostsNearly every commercial property owner would agree that the utility costs associated with heating and cooling a building are among the top expenses in the operating budget.  Finding ways to reduce energy costs means more than saving money; it also means reducing the property’s carbon footprint and greenhouse gas contributions – a true “win-win” situation.

With these simple tips, you can reduce energy costs and add value to your property simultaneously.

1. Install Window Awnings or Canopies for Midday Shade

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Energy CostsIn today’s environmentally focused world, passive cooling has become a common buzzword that refers to techniques you can employ to reduce internal temperatures with little or no energy consumption.  Commercial-grade awnings and canopies are a highly effective passive cooling solution.

By installing awnings or canopies above windows and doorways, you create a shade barrier during the hottest hours of sun exposure, which can reduce solar heat gain by up to 65% for south-facing windows and 77% for west-facing windows.  In addition to helping you reduce energy costs, commercial awnings and canopies can be designed to help you draw more business and market yourself in the community.

2. Install Vertical Screens for Ultimate Solar Heat Gain Protection

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Energy CostsWindows are responsible for the greatest energy loss in nearly every type of building – with an estimated 50-60% of the UV radiation or solar heat gain entering through the glass.  While awnings significantly reduce the impact of the sun’s heat-inducing rays, retractable vertical screens provide the most powerful protection.

Vertical screens are the modern upgrade from old fashioned blinds, and they add top-quality style and innovative functionality to commercial properties.  As an exterior window treatment, they open and close on demand – but without sacrificing the view.  For properties that often keep windows open to enjoy the breeze, vertical screens can be designed to block the hot sun while maintaining free air flow.

3. Install Retractable Products for Winter Warmth Options

3 Simple Tips to Reduce Energy CostsDuring the colder months, solar heat gain shifts from a challenge to a welcomed partner for passive heating.  When considering the best products to reduce energy costs and add value, retractable awnings, canopies, and screens give you the flexibility to block the sun for cooler interior temperatures or let the rays stream through your windows for a natural heating effect.

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