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The Best Retractable Fabric Roof Structures for Spring Rain Showers

By April 5, 2018April 14th, 2021No Comments

The Best Retractable Fabric Roof Structures for Spring Rain ShowersSure, April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring frustration for commercial property owners who value their outdoor spaces.  As spring rain leaves restaurant patios and hotel verandas deserted, it’s time to consider whether a retractable fabric roof structure is a better option.

Retractable awnings and canopies offer an ideal amount of flexibility – they’re there when you need them and out of view when you don’t.  Depending on the specification of the space and needs of your guests, there are three kinds of retractable fabric roof structure designs that can be engineered to work best for rain protection.

Slide on Track Retractable Structures

Slide on Track systems are incredibly versatile, durable, and stylish, and they’re the ideal option for keeping your patio open on rainy days.  They smoothly glide open and closed on runners, providing rain and sun protection at the push of a button.  A Slide on Track retractable fabric roof structure can leverage a combination of waterproof fabrics, PVC profiles welded to the fabric, and a slight canopy pitch to direct rainwater into the gutter system.  This protects your guests from the rain and from any dripping over the sides.

Lateral Arm Retractable Structures

Lateral Arm canopies are a great choice for protecting your guests from light showers.  It offers a perfect blend of form and function by incorporating both style and precision into its cassette awning design.  When a light rain threatens your guests’ comfort, the Lateral Arm canopy extends effortlessly, and when the weather passes, it silently retracts back into its weather-tight cassette enclosure.

Tension Shade Retractable Structures

Tension Shades have a sleek, modern look that adds to the aesthetics of nearly any space.  Using top-quality tensioned membrane panels, the Tension Shade design can be customized to address the goals of your project.  Whether you’re protecting the entryway to your building or the entire patio, Tension Shades leverage strategic pitches and other design options to redirect water away from your seating areas.

Is a Retractable Fabric Roof Structure Right for Your Commercial Property?

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