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Use a Retractable Fabric Roof Structure to Differentiate Your Yoga Business

By May 17, 2018April 14th, 2021No Comments

Use a Retractable Fabric Roof Structure to Differentiate Your Yoga BusinessEvery yogi loves practicing in nature, and businesses are increasingly looking for ways to address the growing need to differentiate.  From specialized yoga studios to resorts with athletic amenities to local gyms, offering yoga and other classes outside separates your business and raises it to a new level.  But how do you convert a less than ideal outdoor space into a prime spot for fitness classes?  A retractable fabric roof structure can help to transform your outdoor patio into the perfect space for your clients to relax, stretch, and breath into their Om.

Define the Space

One of the challenges of converting a standard outdoor patio or deck into a perfect class space is that it retains its multi-use feel.  After all, it can be hard to feel at home on a concrete slab.  By defining the area and making it more intimate, you can transform the space from an everyday patio into an outdoor studio.  Some choose to do this with a large rug, but many others have embraced the blend of aesthetics and functionality provided by a retractable fabric roof structure.

Balance the Heat

Some of your yogis may love their Bikram hot yoga, but that’s not what they were thinking when they signed up for your open-air yoga class.  Concrete, brick, and other patio surfaces get hot in the sun and can make outdoor exercise classes unbearable.  Especially on those toasty summer days, your clients will appreciate the natural climate control a retractable fabric roof structure can offer.

Become One with the Weather

While outdoor classes are centered around the incorporation nature into the practice, rain clouds on the horizon leave instructors with the decision to end class or power (miserably) through.  With a retractable fabric roof structure, instructors have a third option.  Rain protection and/or shade is available at a push of a button, and the silent sliding operation won’t even interrupt your clients’ meditation.

Open Up to the Skies

Perhaps the best reason to incorporate a retractable fabric roof structure is the freedom to pull it back and open up the view – whenever you want.  Coverage when you need it, and unobstructed views when you don’t.

Is a Retractable Fabric Roof Structure Right for Your Commercial Property?

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