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Slide on Wire Canopies

By March 22, 2018April 14th, 2021No Comments

Slide on Wire CanopiesCelebrated for their simple yet elegant design, Slide on Wire canopies are one of the most versatile fabric roof designs on the market.  These dynamic, commercial canopies add both visual appeal and functionality to both indoor and outdoor spaces.

On outdoor patios, Slide on Wire canopies offer an ideal shading solution that can easily be retracted to open up your guests’ view of the sky.  Indoor spaces benefit from the design’s beauty to create a softer atmosphere and cover unfinished ceilings.

A Look Inside: The Slide on Wire Canopy Design

Slide on Wire CanopiesUsing combination of top-quality fabric panels, stainless steel wire, and commercial-grade clips, Slide on Wire canopies literally slide on their wires to give you control over the amount of shade you want and the billowing effect that complements your property’s aesthetics. Whether choosing a customized Slide on Wire canopy design or a modular one, this type of canopy’s versatility stems from its ability to cover nearly any space – regardless of how long or wide it is.

The Slide on Wire canopies are perfectly adaptable and customizable.  They can be installed between two opposing structures, on free-standing structures or beams, or on existing pergolas.  Or a new structure can be built to completely transform the area.  The fabric panels can use one color or many to create an infinite number of stunning and unique designs.  With our modular Slide on Wire products, these panels can easily be interchanged, giving you the power to update your look whenever you choose.

Because many of our Slide on Wire designs use readily available parts and shade panels, we’re able to reduce production costs and simplify installation while creating the highest-quality shade products.  If a repair ever becomes necessary, the modular design makes it easy to replace panels and parts without requiring the entire system to be returned to our California-based facility.

With Slide on Wire canopies, the opportunities for creating superior and stunning shade solutions are endless.  Longer, shorter, narrow, or wide – Slide on Wire makes your indoor or outdoor space more beautiful, more comfortable, and likely to impress your guests.

Are Slide on Wire Canopies Right for Your Commercial Property?

At Retractable Structures (a division of Eide Industries, Inc.), we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and engineering commercial retractable structures and awnings. With almost 80 years of extensive design, construction, metal fabrication, industrial sewing, and installation experience, we are proud to offer the highest quality custom and pre-engineered products possible, made right here in the U.S.

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