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Motorized Versus Manual Retractable Fabric Roof Structures & Canopies

By February 8, 2018April 14th, 2021No Comments

Manual VS Motorized Retractable Fabric Roof StructuresRetractable fabric roof structures, including canopies and awnings, can add significant value to your commercial property by helping to address the challenges of outdoor spaces and transform under-utilized patios into valuable amenities.  They bring a wealth of benefits to the property, including added guest comfort, UV protection, energy savings, luxurious aesthetics, asset protection, and reliable durability.

When choosing the right retractable roof structures, many questions arise about the benefits of a motorized unit as opposed to manual ones.  It’s important to understand the value of each, so you’re sure to choose the option that’s right for you.

Benefits of a Motorized Retractable Canopy

There are many benefits of motorized retractable fabric roof structures.  The most obvious is the legitimate reality that the easier your unit is to operate, the more likely you will be to use it.  However, that’s just the start.  There are many reasons a motorized unit may be the right choice for your property.

Simple Operation – With a remote control or wireless wall switch, extending or retracting your canopy is effortless.

Easy Access – Especially for structures that need to be installed with a high clearance or have a very wide projection, motorized units ensure accessibility and effective operation.

Multiple Unit Efficiency – When multiple shades are involved, motorized controls allow operators to extend or retract the canopies in unison, causing minimal disruption for guests.

Cost-Effectiveness – The cost of incorporating a motor into the commercial-grade retractable structure is relatively low compared to the same unit without a motor.  This is especially true when you weigh the value to the cost.  You are more likely to make the most of the retractable structures when the systems are motorized.

Reliability – The technology for these types of motors has been expanding substantially over the years.  The reliable functionality and supporting warranties ensure you can trust the longevity of your purchase.

Optional Automation – For properties that want to have on-demand shade without having to think about it, the latest automation technologies are the answer.  Sensors can be programed to extend or retract the unit based on the position of the sun and/or heavy   wind loads.

Benefits of a Manual Retractable Canopy

While motorized units are the best choice for many commercial properties, it may not be the right choice for all.  Manual retractable fabric roof structures can also provide valuable benefits for outdoor spaces.

Low Budget Projects – For projects that are on a strict budget, opting for a manual unit may be an important way to cut costs.

Lack of Electricity – If the outdoor space doesn’t have access to electricity or power, then a manual unit is a well necessary fit for your project.  For manual units, the designer will work with the client to ensure the easiest possible access.

Eco-Friendly Focus – When the site has a focus on being eco-friendly and having an absolute minimal carbon footprint, a manual retractable canopy can seamlessly support the property’s green initiatives.

Are Retractable Fabric Roof Structures Right for Your Commercial Property?

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